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Our Story

We are a women-owned and led team of highly experienced professional travel managers. From jets to yachts to villas, we specialize in logistical management, global events, and unique concierge services.

For more than 20 years, our business has grown organically from referrals among the world’s most recognizable public figures. We consider a high-profile referral the greatest endorsement of trust, and we take our commitment seriously to uphold both our reputation and that of our clients.

Our Difference

DA Travel Group offers global insight paired with think-fast problem solving. We exist to navigate the unexpected variables of travel for an experience that feels effortless. Each and every client relationship is personal to us, grounded in our reliability, access, and trustworthy care.

  • Founder

    Cathy Nilsen

    With an eye for business and a passion for travel, Cathy is the go-to girl of the A-list world. After starting her own premier travel division 20 years ago with Montrose Travel, DA Travel Group has grown to one of the world’s top travel management agencies, based almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals.

    Cathy is at the helm of DA Travel Group’s flourishing success and continues to perfect her craft in all areas. From clients’ day-to-day travel needs to booking private jets to finding that perfect villa, Cathy specializes in crafting custom itineraries that guide you clearly through your travels. Her work encompasses all areas, from TV productions to Fashion Week travel arrangements. Her attention to detail and service is second to none.

  • Marketing Manager

    Allison Park

    Allison has been with DA Travel Group for about 10 years as the company’s marketing mastermind. Allison showcases the business on all social media platforms, finding new and creative ways to help DA Travel Group stay a step ahead in the travel world. She keeps the group connected to all its exclusive properties, traveling across the globe to create and develop exclusive content.

  • VIP Client Specialist

    Karen O'Brien

    Karen works directly with clients to run and manage high-profile production travel. She’s always up for the challenges of the job, and she’s done it all — from creating meticulous itineraries to handling unexpected changes at any hour. Karen’s versatility of work meets a wide range of client needs.

  • Europe Specialist

    Gina Fox

    Gina has been with Cathy from the beginning as DA Travel Group’s eyes and ears across the pond. She’s the resident know-it-all when it comes to where, what, and who in booking European travel. Gina offers DA Travel Group a unique stronghold in the UK, and she’s adept at finding the most exclusive villa rentals and helping any trip run smoothly.

  • Client Coordinator

    Chloe Hefner

    Chloe creates beautiful, luxurious spaces for DA Travel Group’s clients and office team. She can put together the gift boxes of your dreams, assist in planning your travel-based events, and add an extra dose of beauty to everything she touches. Chloe arrives on-location to prepare sites and works tirelessly to make aesthetic dreams a reality.

  • VIP Client Specialist

    Candice Lamarr

    Candice is our up-for-anything expert in scheduling and logistics. She works to navigate the unexpected, less glamorous variables of travel, and her project coordination makes her a strong asset to the DA Travel Group team. She works directly with Cathy to assist in large projects, from booking rooms to finding the most secluded, private places for our clients.

  • VIP Client Services Agent

    Danielle Josephine

    Danielle specializes in client relations, with years of experience in the travel industry Danielle has tackled many projects when it comes to planning travel she’s always up for a challenge. With her detailed communication skills, she keeps our team running efficiently! Danielle leverages her expertise to create the perfect travel experience for all our clients.

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